Wednesday, September 8, 2010



one of the great things about school at asu (polytechnic campus this year) is the fun food/shopping places that are nearby. sometimes i like to study at cost plus wordmarketplace right before a test. it is the cultural thing to do. this way i can pick up some cute bangles, pita chips, or a new duvet cover while also studying piaget and vygotskii. off the chain! another great thing is that i can admire decorative ed hardy hats, stickers, windowshades, bags, tatoos, and pencils(well that was a stretch, but it's everywhere!!) i do love being a sun devil and it really boosts my school spirit when i see sparky's swag around campus(not pictured, although i wish i would have).

*none of these images have anything to do with what i just talked about.


  1. Cute! What was the occasion where Justine got flowers and everyone was looking darling?

  2. Her 21st birthday dinner celebration at bamboo club. Online, it said there would be a live python there...but there wasn't.

  3. haha, i miss you already.