Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We had a baby

This is sort of an extended version, with lots of details, so read at your own will. ;)
I started having contractions on Friday night (July 3). My brother, Curtis, was starring as Tarzan at the Hale Theater, and Ben went to go strike the set of the play before so we could get two free tickets to see the show. My mom came over to stay with me since my dad was going, too (we live like one minute away from my parents right now, it's great!). I wasn't having any real contractions until Ben had left. By the time he came home, they were coming pretty consistently at 6-7 minutes apart. I thought it was almost go time! My doctor told me to come in when they were about 3-5 minutes apart for 1-2 hours. When Ben got home after midnight he was surprised that I was in pain and having contractions! We continued timing them and eventually we both fell asleep.

Around 3 am I woke up worried because the contractions had slowed down a little. I was also having some bleeding (totally normal, but worrisome to me when all pregnancy long they tell you to watch out for bleeding!) so I was nervous. We decided to go the hospital. Bad call. We know better now. ;) They checked us into triage and I had progressed since my doctor appointment on Thursday (he did a membrane sweep and I was at 1.5). I was now at a 3. They hooked me up and said if I wasn't at a 4 in an hour that I would go home but that they expected me to be back that afternoon. I thought I'd have a 4th of July baby! I didn't progress while we were there so they sent me home with an ambien to help me sleep and said we will see you soon.

I continued to have contractions that were consistent and painful Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. They were getting increasingly painful and I hadn't really slept in days.  Ben gave me multiple blessings of comfort and patience.  It was becoming very overwhelming and I was getting anxious about knowing when to go back to the hospital since I'd already been sent home once!  My mom had come over several times to be with me and rub my feet, (I love you, mom!) Ben's family had been in Pinetop for the 4th and were ready to come home as soon as we called to come (which we thought would be soon since I'd had such regular contractions!).  Monday night we decided to go to the hospital because I felt like I couldn't take it anymore and I was so sick of that blasted baby app telling me my contractions were close enough to go in for an hour and a half (3-5 minutes apart) and then I'd start getting them further apart after that hour and a half, making me feel like we shouldn't go in. My body was playing really mean tricks on me!  It had been almost two hours of the above going on, so we headed to the hospital.  As soon as we got there I hadn't felt a contraction for over 10 minutes. I was losing my mind.  We hung out there in the lobby and decided to visit our friends upstairs who had just had their baby that morning! We went home and I felt defeated.

Tuesday morning, I had Ben drive me to Dr. Beck's office so I could be checked on my progression without the large triage hospital bill.  I was a crazy lady and expected to be seen without having an appointment, but they couldn't see me until that afternoon. I had progressed and Dr. Beck could tell I was losing my cool.  I still hadn't slept in like 4 days.  He gave me a prescription for an ambien and talked about scheduling an induction if I didn't go into labor by the end of the week. Since Friday, I'd been trying to do all the early-morning curb walking, walking around target (way too hot to be outside), exercise ball-bouncing, etc, but by Tuesday, all I could handle was laying down between contractions and pacing the room when they came, followed by one bath after another.  I was exhausted. And, I thought I couldn't do it. (I realize I sound really dramatic, but it really was so hard!)
This continued until Wednesday morning around 6 am. I'd been up all night with really painful contractions, worse than they'd been the whole time.  I remember feeling like I needed to push/ needed to keep the baby from coming.  At this point my contractions were still around 5 minutes apart but the pain felt like more than I could handle.  I texted my sister and said it felt like she was coming out and she said "Yeah, you should probably GO." We decided to go to the hospital again, even if it meant getting sent home.

When we checked in at triage I wasn't sure if I was slowly leaking fluid or not, but when the lady was asking me questions I started sobbing and told her that I wasn't sure if I was leaking and Ben did the talking for me.  They got me hooked up within 3 minutes of getting there and one minute later Dr. Beck came in to check my progression. This was when I fell in love with him.  He checked me and said the best words that I could ever hear: "You're at a 7, 100% effaced. Let's get your epidural started!" Ben and I started crying again, so relieved to be admitted after so many days of torture.  15 minutes later, I had my epidural and it was a beautiful thing.  I wanted to kiss my anesthesiologist.  I finally relaxed and closed my eyes for a few minutes. Dr. Beck came in an hour later and asked if I was ready to push.  I had progressed to a 9 and was almost a 10.  He then remembered that this was my first baby and decided to let me dilate all the way and give my body some more time to have the baby drop and get some rest before pushing.  I also had tested positive for group b strep, so I needed four hours of medication before having the baby, otherwise she'd have to have some testing after she was born and we might need an extended stay at the hospital. My mom came and helped me put some makeup on so I could be glam for baby's arrival.  I started regretting that I hadn't really eaten in days, now that I could relax and notice that I was hungry.  (I had lost 5 pounds since Friday when the contractions started.)

4 hours later, I started pushing. After 1.5 hours of pushing and being told that I was so athletic and an incredible pusher (??? Why do they tell you that when it was taking so long?), Lucy Mae* Barazoto made her long awaited debut! It was the most sacred and incredible feeling to see our baby for the first time and we were all crying all over again.  I remember saying, "She's so cute. She's so cute" over and over again and kissing her sweet cheeks and fingers.  I did some skin to skin time and nursed her as soon as she was cleaned off.  She was 8 pounds, 7 ounces, 22 inches long, and sweet and snuggly as could be.  Our time in the hospital was so spiritual and I am so grateful that we decided to stay another day and soak it in/get taken care of.  Lucy was such a good baby and was pretty good at nursing, right off the bat.  I am so grateful for that.  Seeing Ben become a dad has been equally sweet.  He's so good at it and I tear up pretty regularly thinking about how we really lucked out to have such a wonderful, hands-on husband and daddy.  (I didn't doubt him for one second, though! :))

I had an amazing nurse and a student from ASU helping me the whole time. There's nothing like having a baby to make you lose all sense off modesty and not care about this 40 year old male student emptying your bladder and holding one of your legs, while your husband holds the other. ;) And like I said, I love Dr. Beck.

It's funny how now that I'm writing this 5+ months after having Lucy that I forget the magnitude of the pain and all the months of pregnancy.  Babies are the best reward and I suppose that's why people keep having em'.
(Whoops...posted 9+ months after.)

We love Lucy!

*Lucy's middle name, Mae, comes from my Grandpa Lunt's mother's name. I'd never met her, but she is an incredible lady.  Her husband died six weeks before my grandpa and his twin brother were born and she raised all her children alone while working as a school teacher.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

i was pregnant

We had a baby! Turns out, I haven't updated this blog for just shy of a year. Looks like I left off on day one of our trip to Europe a year and a half ago. I'm a slacker.
One thing I don't want to slack on is journaling for our sweet baby girl, Lucy! It's such a sweet, special, exciting time in our life and we are thrilled to be a family of three. She has made our little world even happier.  I've always known that families are essential, but now, more than ever, I am grateful and appreciative of this happy plan that we get to be a part of.

I've journaled in detail the events of my pregnancy and Lucy's birth in her baby book, but here is a short record of my pregnancy on this super-updated blog for anyone who cares to read (and for me to look back on later).  I'll update her birth in my next post ( I really will!).

My pregnancy was really smooth and pretty easy (I feel really lucky!)- although near the end I was feeling pretty ready to be done being pregnant.  It's not easy teaching every day and being on your feet with 20+ students every day.  It gets soooo hot in May and my energy levels were pretty low at that point. Ben understood that I'd be in bed by 8:00p every night, maybe 9:00 on weekends. ;) (Not much has changed post-pregnancy, if we can help it! But now, Ben joins never know when the babe will wake up.).

My pregnancy likes were:
-feeling Lucy's kicks and jabs (and hiccups)
-watching my stomach move in waves whenever she moved
-seeing Ben go above and beyond to pick up slack where I left off and help me with anything I needed
-going on a babymoon to Carlsbad, CA in April 
-indulging in yummy food (no real cravings, just ALWAYS hungry)
-anticipating our family of 3
-having ultrasounds
-switching doctors at about 28 weeks pregnant and feeling realllly good about it
-being pregnant at the same time as my sister and several close friends
-buying baby clothes (something I'm talented at)
-not getting super sick while pregnant and never throwing up
-being able to swim at the end of my pregnancy
-having the month of June to get ready for the baby since school was out in May
-having 24 students be super excited for me and the baby and ask me about her name every day ;)

My pregnancy dislikes were:
-being unable to wear my wedding rings from 23 weeks (they still don't fit)
-being unable to fit into any shoes (seriously, I think I fit into one pair that was 1.5 sizes bigger than my normal shoe size)
-passing out for the first time in my life at Liberty Market 
-needing help getting up 
-splitting my pants with weeks to go (down to 2 pairs at that point)
-realizing that I am a huge worrier while pregnant, ending up in tears on several occasions, feeling paralyzed with fear after googling symptoms on webMd that never amounted to anything. Pregnancy is such a vulnerable time
-being pregnant in AZ in the summer
-having a limited number of clothes that fit (wearing the same outfits on repeat)

And now, a photo dump. (And, out of order because I don't have the patience to organize them right now.  Some other time...maybe.)

i thought i was showing

pregnancy in the summer in az = too hot to smile

pregnancy in the summer in az = swimming every day

pregnancy in AZ in the summer = swollen legs and feet

pregnancy in az in the summer = ready to be done 

last photo taken before lucy's debut...check out those swollen feet

Thursday, October 9, 2014

europe day one & two

7 months ago, we went to Europe (London & Paris) and I don't want to go on without documenting it!  We had the most wonderful time.  There is something magical about being in a foreign country with your spouse.  It was my first time being in Europe (Ben's second) and it shall not be the last!
We are already planning a trip to go to Italy next year and I get giddy when I think about it.  I've been watching a lot of House Hunters International this Fall Break, and I have a newfound yearning to visit Spain!  Maybe we can squeeze it all in.

We left the Friday of Spring Break and returned late Saturday night of the next week.  We were happy to be able to get on a direct flight.  Our trip was not long enough-but it did give us a taste of what it is like.  Life's hard when you're a teacher. :)

We arrived in London at approximately 2:00 pm, where GrandMary and Grandpa Nielson were waiting to pick us up.  We went directly to Winchester Cathedral and listened to Evensong there.  There are so many pretty churches and cathedrals!  The architecture is pretty amazing.  Jane Austen is actually buried in Winchester Cathedral and it was neat to see that, as well as one of her houses while there.  The Winchester school was closed for tours while we were there, but we snuck in for a few minutes before we were kicked out.  Parts of Harry Potter and Les Miserables were filmed here.  (As a big fan of HP, I was ecstatic throughout the trip.  HP film location sightings everywhere!)

We had dinner at an English pub that evening.  I loved trying the parsnips but wasn't in love with the yorkshire pudding.

We spent the first few days touring Winchester with our fabulous tour guides, Boss and GrandMary.  We went to church with them the following day and it was neat to see what the wards are like over there and to be able to meet some of the members.  We had some bad jet lag and I found myself dozing off throughout the block.  We came home, took a quick nap, and set off to see more of the town of Winchester.
We saw King Arthur's round table and some castle ruins.  (I looked like a cute sister missionary in my outfit.

 Their teeny and adorable flat.

Updated pictures from our good camera (and the rest of our trip) coming soon.  :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

a happy weekend

Conference weekend is always the best.  We had such a busy week, I had been sick, and with a classroom full of kids it's easy to look forward to the weekend.  
We went to the Phoenix temple open house with some friends.  Lauren C. introduced us to a new Phoenix restaurant, Gadzooks, and we were in love at first bite.  I had their cornbread and potato enchiladas and they were so tasty.  
I had my expectations pretty high after the Gilbert temple opening this year, and while the Phx temple is really beautiful, I still love Gilbert so much.  Mesa will always be a favorite, too, since it's the first temple I'd been to and the place where we were married.
Lauren&Aj, us, Jordan&Lauren(getting married next month!)
For some reason, I think of China every time I see this picture...
My laser eyes are always so cute.
Conference was so good this weekend.  Highlights for me include no makeup, cuddling, taking notes, foot rubs by dad, a wild priesthood session get-away with my mom and sister to AZ Mills (ha!), that amazing last second hail mary football play and victory by ASU (!!!), and feeling the peace and rejuvenation that comes from hearing the words of the prophets.  Ben and I set some goals and so far we are 100% (Day 1), so things are looking real good.

I really loved the four tools that we can use to help us feel of the Savior's peace and have harmony in our home:


Study the scriptures and words from living prophets

Weekly Family Home Evening

Go to the temple

I am excited for fall break this week!  I really love my class this year, but a break feels so, so good.  Especially before a crazy week of Parent-Teacher Conferences. ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

carlsbad 2014

Every summer, the Barazoto's head off for Carlsbad for a week of beachin' and feastin'.  We weren't able to make it last year due to Ben's dad's accident, so we were especially happy to come this year (with a healthy dad!).  It was also the last family vacation that our family would take together before Maddy leaves on her mission to Rome in a couple weeks.  Actually, we probably won't all be together due to missions for about 6 years!  Nuts!

Our cute house for the week-about a mile from the beach.

The mornings on the beach were hazy and there weren't many people-so nice.
 This kid was spear fishing nearly every day we were there.  He caught a halibut (pictured below) and it was then that Ben and I realized our aspiration to become spear fishermen someday.  So cool!

We made it to the Mormon Battalion in Old Town San Diego after picking Jacob up from the airport and took a sweet family pic.  We also hit up Burger Lounge (not pictured) while there and I had the most delicious quinoa burger.  Ben and I tried BL for the first time a couple months ago while in San Diego, and it was divine.  Call me crazy, but after two tries, I'd label it the best quinoa burger I've ever had!

Trying not to get sunburned...

We met up one night with our good friends, Taylor and Mallory, (not pictured) who were staying in Oceanside about 10 minutes away.  They introduced us to Ruby's, a delicious little diner with tasty shakes on the end of the pier.  Naturally, we had to come back with the fam.

 The paparazzi loves us.

Thanks Mom and Dad Barazoto for a great trip!  We had so much fun.  The Barazoto's are a good bunch.
(From Maddy's Farewell today)