Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feeling Fallish

Here's a little exposition for those of you who enjoy poetry at its spooky best.
Written by myself.

An autumn poem, for my literacy class.

Pulling on brown, buttery riding boots
with textured tights underneath
the seasons have changed,
and now beings fall
with the changing, falling leaves
and brisk, cool weather.
Running outside,
the wind whistling past your ears,
piling on colorful knit cardigans
in orange, red, and mustard yellow,
tailored jackets
bulky scarves
and layers to keep you comfortably bundled up.
Embarking on crisp bike rides in the park
visiting festive pumpkin patches with dear friends,
terrifying haunted houses
and winding mazes of corn.
Eating tangy pumpkin pie in the park
and sprinkling cinnamon spice on seasonal honey crisp apples
devouring homemade strawberry crepes
and sipping steamy hot chocolate,
relishing fall in all its cozy splendor.

(and preparing to be a String Cheese on Halloween!)

1 comment:

  1. Such a talent with poetry! Must have inherited it from Gpa Lunt.

    Tangy pumpkin pie?