Monday, March 28, 2011


Last weekend this girl got her mission call. She will probably return (in 18 months) saying things like "I just got back from the crick" and "I was just sharpenin my jackknife" (or something similar to that, right? sounds twangy to me.)... the PRETTIEST sister missionaries go to the visitor's centers which is why Lauren Chesley Coplan is going to the Independence, Missouri mission, serving at the visitors center and other places like Liberty Jail. I'm so proud of her and will miss her far too much.

Other events in my life include school (19 credit hours + an internship at Highland Park Elementary School-2nd grade), work (2 jobs-Mcqueen Park Activity Center + Anthropologie), church, friends, family etc. Most of my time is spent attending class, doing hw, buying gargantuous amounts of extra textbooks, attending conferences which require giving up entire Saturdays, planning activities for family math night, dating, bikeriding, welcoming home 3 great missionary friends, writing lesson plans and reflection upon reflection, interning, and working. I do enjoy school and learning and am PHASED about graduating in DECEMBER, however the work load this semester has taken it's toll on my health and social life. (I must attribute my sickness both to the kids I'm surrounded by in my internship along with stress and long days at the shop. (long days at the shop might equate doing hw, school, work, etc. it sounds chiller to say shop) I got really sick 3 times this season- a record for me. I love being busy though, and quite prefer it to the alternative!

Jamie's Pix Messages get me through the day-aint she a beaut!!!

We are the proud parents of a Montana sheet cake (later, Texas)

Trips to the local public Library with Riley Riles

Jamie Visits
I have also enjoyed ZUMBA-get your groove on.
Feeling extra sassy after an all-day science conference

Pretty soon I'll be done for the semester, will take summer school (2 classes), and will begin student teaching in the fall!

I'm grateful for a fun, loving family, beautiful friends, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I continually feel his love as I see His blessings in my life.


  1. Lauren is going to be one cute missionary! And please tell me you wear neon when doing zumba.

  2. i'm so glad you're a blogger again! MY ROOMMATE TAWNI JONES IS IN THAT SAME MISSION! She's leaving the MTC today so tell your amigo to look out for her!

    being a teacher is the most time consuming job ever. keep on chuggin, girl.

  3. James! I just barely saw this post.. Haha I just LOL'd at the pics that I send you... Embarassing! I love you!