Monday, December 31, 2012

San Diego

Ben's cousin Michael got married to his sweet fiance Emily (now wife) the weekend before Christmas so we were excited to make a quick trip to San Diego to go to their sealing at the San Diego Temple. I left as soon as school was over and we headed to the airport to catch our flight. I was really looking forward to this trip after dealing with 21 crazy eight/nine year olds who could only think about Christmas and candy for what seemed like a month. And I really was dealing with them and not teaching (you can teach kids in that state of mind, just the week before Christmas-especially when every day is a Spirit Day). We met Ben's parents at the airport and were able to stay at Liz's house, which is a TREAT because it is so adorable. The weekend was wonderful and full of fine dining. We were so impressed with the Cucina Urbana! (Per Liz's recommendation) It was a fun trip and we wished we could have stayed longer. The wedding was beautiful and it was fun to be able to double date with Ben's parents all weekend long. Ben's favorite part was driving our in laws car back to AZ (it's just a little bit nicer than ours. ;)

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