Monday, February 18, 2013


Here, enjoy some romantic pictures. This VDAY was spent at school with 20 little Valentines, and then with
my REAL valentine, Mr. Barazoto, as I call him at school. Some kids suggested I get him flowers and a card in the mail. I did give him a card (and a waterbottle-so sentimental), but the roles were reversed as I received three bouquets this year! My mom stopped over at my classroom to drop off a treat and the kids were amazed by her, not believing that she could be a grandma. One kid even yelled, "That was NOT your mom, that was your sister!" We went on a romantic dinner date to Pita Jungle with my sister Lindsay, and her husband and then stopped by our brothers' basketball game. They lost, but we still think they're number one. A little boy offered me a weed with heart shaped leaves instead of a stuffed animal. Shame, I'm really into stuffed animals. ;) I also boycotted candy Valentine's and passed out glow-sticks this year-the kids appreciated them, though. We smooched, we feasted, we passed out Valentine's. It was a great holiday!