Saturday, August 22, 2015

i was pregnant

We had a baby! Turns out, I haven't updated this blog for just shy of a year. Looks like I left off on day one of our trip to Europe a year and a half ago. I'm a slacker.
One thing I don't want to slack on is journaling for our sweet baby girl, Lucy! It's such a sweet, special, exciting time in our life and we are thrilled to be a family of three. She has made our little world even happier.  I've always known that families are essential, but now, more than ever, I am grateful and appreciative of this happy plan that we get to be a part of.

I've journaled in detail the events of my pregnancy and Lucy's birth in her baby book, but here is a short record of my pregnancy on this super-updated blog for anyone who cares to read (and for me to look back on later).  I'll update her birth in my next post ( I really will!).

My pregnancy was really smooth and pretty easy (I feel really lucky!)- although near the end I was feeling pretty ready to be done being pregnant.  It's not easy teaching every day and being on your feet with 20+ students every day.  It gets soooo hot in May and my energy levels were pretty low at that point. Ben understood that I'd be in bed by 8:00p every night, maybe 9:00 on weekends. ;) (Not much has changed post-pregnancy, if we can help it! But now, Ben joins never know when the babe will wake up.).

My pregnancy likes were:
-feeling Lucy's kicks and jabs (and hiccups)
-watching my stomach move in waves whenever she moved
-seeing Ben go above and beyond to pick up slack where I left off and help me with anything I needed
-going on a babymoon to Carlsbad, CA in April 
-indulging in yummy food (no real cravings, just ALWAYS hungry)
-anticipating our family of 3
-having ultrasounds
-switching doctors at about 28 weeks pregnant and feeling realllly good about it
-being pregnant at the same time as my sister and several close friends
-buying baby clothes (something I'm talented at)
-not getting super sick while pregnant and never throwing up
-being able to swim at the end of my pregnancy
-having the month of June to get ready for the baby since school was out in May
-having 24 students be super excited for me and the baby and ask me about her name every day ;)

My pregnancy dislikes were:
-being unable to wear my wedding rings from 23 weeks (they still don't fit)
-being unable to fit into any shoes (seriously, I think I fit into one pair that was 1.5 sizes bigger than my normal shoe size)
-passing out for the first time in my life at Liberty Market 
-needing help getting up 
-splitting my pants with weeks to go (down to 2 pairs at that point)
-realizing that I am a huge worrier while pregnant, ending up in tears on several occasions, feeling paralyzed with fear after googling symptoms on webMd that never amounted to anything. Pregnancy is such a vulnerable time
-being pregnant in AZ in the summer
-having a limited number of clothes that fit (wearing the same outfits on repeat)

And now, a photo dump. (And, out of order because I don't have the patience to organize them right now.  Some other time...maybe.)

i thought i was showing

pregnancy in the summer in az = too hot to smile

pregnancy in the summer in az = swimming every day

pregnancy in AZ in the summer = swollen legs and feet

pregnancy in az in the summer = ready to be done 

last photo taken before lucy's debut...check out those swollen feet


  1. Yay!! I love seeing all these photos. So many good mems.

  2. So fun and that black and white shot with Ben in glasses?! You guys are hawt