Sunday, June 3, 2012


Ben and I are Married! Never have I been more obsessed with my boyfriend, once fiance, and now husband. He is always making sure I'm taken care of, that I'm happy. I am feeling so lucky as I realize I really married up; Ben is my best friend and is above me in all ways (especially in looks). It was the sweetest day to get married, in the temple, and feel his love and the love of our dear family and friends. Pictures from our wedding day (taken by Lang Photographers) on May 18, 2012.


  1. You guys are so into each other.

    Yay, marriage!

  2. Those pictures are all so pretty!

  3. Jamie I told you I commented on your blog, but I guess I didn't. What I DID do was peruse through all your posts and add you to my family blog list. So in my mind I thought I had posted on your cute wedding post.

    You two are a beautiful couple and I hope you keep posting!
    I meant to ask about D.C. last night. I hope it was awesome!

  4. @sarah! dc was amazing. i cant wait to see you and talk to you. last time we didnt even get to talk.