Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mrs. B!

After graduating from ASU in December,I substituted for the Gilbert Public School district. Ben and I got engaged in February and I really starting thinking about getting a job teaching. While planning a wedding, applying for schools and interviewing (and being let down on jobs that I felt really good about) was stressful! After the wedding, I had a smattering of interviews and felt good about a lot of them. I interviewed for about 3 days in a row until I came out of an interview feeling on top of the world. (I texted Ben and my parents something like, "WOW--best interview EVER!!) I had a call back interview the next morning for a school and I tastefully (or not-so-tastefully) hinted that I'd rather work for THIS school. The principal emailed my dad that night (they are good pals in the GPS district) and told him he wanted me on board. After some impatient waiting following vague hints from my parents, I got a call at 7 the next morning, the morning of my interview with the other, lesser-in-my-opinion school, and was giddy with excitement. This job is a dream job for me and I feel so blessed. It's amazing how the Lord is mindful of needs and wants.
I signed my contract to be a third grade teacher at Burk Elementary in Gilbert and I'm excited! It's going to be awesome being the bread winner for a little while while Ben finishes up school. Hooray for benefits, good hours, and summer vacations!


  1. Congrats! so excited!!! you'll be such a great/fun teacher!!

  2. I can't wait to see your cute classroom. It will be a dream!

  3. Wow! Congratulations! Those 3rd graders are going to love you!

  4. Yayyy! Congrats babe! You'll be the cutest and most stylish teacher around!