Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We watched men eating hot dogs

for the 4th, we spent the day buying a couch (YES-come over, SIT with us), cuddling, eating american burgers and fries, and making homemade ice cream at my sister's house while watching that cool hot dog eating contest on TV(that ben has watched two years running-he's that big on hot dogs). we didn't even watch fireworks. BLAST! we wanted to cuddle. it was great having a day off and getting to see the working man. here are some pictures to showcase the day:
the real party of the weekend was our Nielson family cabin trip. we invited our married friends (maybe soon they will get married), parker and lauren, and drove up to the beautiful pines of pinetop! it was beautiful weather, happy company (ben's family, grandparents, and some other extended family were there), great eats, an all around good time. one of the highlights from the weekend trip was picnicking at paradise creek, while being drizzled on by rain. waking up to the smell of rain can't be beat!
ben's cute. we also made a trip to ikea and bought some chairs among (many) other things. our condo is coming along! and we have seating! it is quite the novelty.


  1. Looking good! You're so photogenic too! Every. picture.

  2. LOVE those chairs... good one Goyle.


  3. It was a Fourth to remember. Haha. LOVE your home decor!

  4. Hey Jamie!

    Guess what? You're the winner of the Jessie Mackay abstract painting I hosted on Little Green Notebook! Congrats!!

    Would you mind emailing me when you have a minute with your address? We're moving this week, so things are a little crazy, but I'll mail the painting as soon as possible.


  5. Love the way your place is coming along!! That rug is gorgeous! Where did you find it?

  6. @andrea we found it at urban outfitters!