Sunday, August 5, 2012

Since My Last Post...

We took a trip to Carlsbad, CA with Ben's family: 1. (Lunch at the most delicious farmer's market on Coronado. Like a glorified Trader Joe's)
2. (A beautiful tree near the beach)
3. (We played with Aunt Liz's adorable boy, William, or "Wee-yam")
4. (We had many-a-beach day)
5. (We cuddled with Fritz, Liz's newborn son)
I took advantage of some free-time before school started to get some projects done (many thanks to Pinterest for some great ideas) 1. (flowers for my classroom)
2. (I had some sewing lessons with my mother-in-law and am very pleased with the way they turned out!)
3. (I tried out some homemade art made with a toothpaste cap)
I received a delightful email notifying me that I won a givesway! (HA! out of 2010 people trying to win, I feel like a million lucky bucks. We are seriously so excited and it's so pretty!!!) 1. (The delightful email)
2. (The delicious painting)
We took the kids to the ballgame: 1. (We were the guardians)
2. (These are the kids)
We went on dates: 1. (Spending quality time at the Ranch Market, what a wonderful place)
2. (Post temple ZoYo FroYo run. I will be an advocate for their zoatmeal flavor, it is truly heaven in a cup!)
We celebrated: 1. (Riley turned 6!)
2. (Claire was blessed)
I've been preparing for school to start. Meet the teacher is tomorrow evening and school starts Weds! Yikes! I'm very excited, though. 1. (Bulletin #1)
2. (Pom Pom wall)
3. (Birthday Bulletin)
4. (I am so thankful for the help of Ben and my other family members. Setting up a classroom is hard work!)
5. ("Meet Mrs. B." Bulletin #2)
We also ordered this couch (in gray) and are pining for it's delivery! 1. (SO EXCITED!)
Sorry for the picture overload! xxxooo


  1. Never apologize for pic overload. I love pictures! Cute classroom. I love it all. Cute, cute.

  2. That is SO awesome about the painting giveaway! It will look perfect next to your toothpaste cap art. I'm loving your BARAZOTO board with your old school pic. Your kids are going to love you.

  3. Gah! I love it all! So excited for your life!


  4. LOVE picture updates!! very cute classroom!!

  5. Your classroom is perfect! Good luck this week!

  6. I loved your posts and pics, too!