Monday, October 6, 2014

a happy weekend

Conference weekend is always the best.  We had such a busy week, I had been sick, and with a classroom full of kids it's easy to look forward to the weekend.  
We went to the Phoenix temple open house with some friends.  Lauren C. introduced us to a new Phoenix restaurant, Gadzooks, and we were in love at first bite.  I had their cornbread and potato enchiladas and they were so tasty.  
I had my expectations pretty high after the Gilbert temple opening this year, and while the Phx temple is really beautiful, I still love Gilbert so much.  Mesa will always be a favorite, too, since it's the first temple I'd been to and the place where we were married.
Lauren&Aj, us, Jordan&Lauren(getting married next month!)
For some reason, I think of China every time I see this picture...
My laser eyes are always so cute.
Conference was so good this weekend.  Highlights for me include no makeup, cuddling, taking notes, foot rubs by dad, a wild priesthood session get-away with my mom and sister to AZ Mills (ha!), that amazing last second hail mary football play and victory by ASU (!!!), and feeling the peace and rejuvenation that comes from hearing the words of the prophets.  Ben and I set some goals and so far we are 100% (Day 1), so things are looking real good.

I really loved the four tools that we can use to help us feel of the Savior's peace and have harmony in our home:


Study the scriptures and words from living prophets

Weekly Family Home Evening

Go to the temple

I am excited for fall break this week!  I really love my class this year, but a break feels so, so good.  Especially before a crazy week of Parent-Teacher Conferences. ;)


  1. AZ mills was a flop but Claire's boots are made for walkin!

  2. Totally agree about the Chinese thing!