Sunday, July 27, 2014

carlsbad 2014

Every summer, the Barazoto's head off for Carlsbad for a week of beachin' and feastin'.  We weren't able to make it last year due to Ben's dad's accident, so we were especially happy to come this year (with a healthy dad!).  It was also the last family vacation that our family would take together before Maddy leaves on her mission to Rome in a couple weeks.  Actually, we probably won't all be together due to missions for about 6 years!  Nuts!

Our cute house for the week-about a mile from the beach.

The mornings on the beach were hazy and there weren't many people-so nice.
 This kid was spear fishing nearly every day we were there.  He caught a halibut (pictured below) and it was then that Ben and I realized our aspiration to become spear fishermen someday.  So cool!

We made it to the Mormon Battalion in Old Town San Diego after picking Jacob up from the airport and took a sweet family pic.  We also hit up Burger Lounge (not pictured) while there and I had the most delicious quinoa burger.  Ben and I tried BL for the first time a couple months ago while in San Diego, and it was divine.  Call me crazy, but after two tries, I'd label it the best quinoa burger I've ever had!

Trying not to get sunburned...

We met up one night with our good friends, Taylor and Mallory, (not pictured) who were staying in Oceanside about 10 minutes away.  They introduced us to Ruby's, a delicious little diner with tasty shakes on the end of the pier.  Naturally, we had to come back with the fam.

 The paparazzi loves us.

Thanks Mom and Dad Barazoto for a great trip!  We had so much fun.  The Barazoto's are a good bunch.
(From Maddy's Farewell today)


  1. I loved all of those pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. jamie! you look like such a babe in those ruby's shots! i'm obsessed with your outfit!

  3. Riley asked me why we couldn't go with you- and I'm asking the same question. Also, I've only had the BL quinoa burger once and I second your opinion.

  4. You were staying right by my parents house and attended their ward building! How funny! :) I'm glad you enjoyed San's kinda the greatest. (That being said, AZ holds a special place in my heart!)