Monday, April 21, 2014


Spring Break 2013-I gave my hair the ol' chop

We took our fair share of car selfies
 Curtis sang at an event for my darling Great Grandma Fairbanks
 Car selfie en route to a friend's wedding
 DJ and Curtis took state in volleyball!  Go Hawks.
 DJ graduated
The day that school got out, we left for the happiest place on earth.  We all felt stripe-y and I embarrassingly wore sneakers.

Dole whips and my real whip

 Lindsay had a birthday and Claire was the cutest baby in the cutest hat
 ASU friends at another wedding
 DJ got his mission call-St. George, Utah-Spanish speaking!
 We took a 4th of July trip to Pinetop and had some unexpected events.  We are grateful for our families and that all turned out alright.

 Ben's brother, Jacob came home from his mission in Paraguay!  (Ladies-he's still on the market)
 National Hot Dog day was spent with friends at the D-backs game, naturally

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  1. When you put it that way, it was a really eventful few months!