Friday, June 6, 2014

Fall 2013

In Fall 2013, we did attended lots of sporting events.  Dbacks games, ASU football games, ASU basketball games, etc.  This fall brought new events as DJ was preparing to leave on his mission mid September.  We tried to spend as much time with possible with him before he left!

 Date to Dbacks game
 Devils at the ASU homecoming game where we miraculously won at the last second!

Pictures after DJ's farewell talk

Our final goodbyes.  Saying goodbye to a missionary is hard and sad!

 Ben continues to be Claire's favorite person-no matter how hard I try to persuade her to love me the most.

I did my best to make our condo festive with homegrown squash and pumpkins from the ranch.

We went on a camping trip with our friends Parker and Lauren, and Fletcher and Nicole
(And I failed at getting a group shot)
Campfire dinners are so delicious, and Ben won "Boy Scout of the Year" for keeping our fire going strong.

My birthday week came and went and I turned 23!  We enjoyed free eats, family, and a birthday dinner with some of our bestie married friends.  (Again: no group shot)
School pictures happened-if any of your wallets are feeling scarce, I have a few selfies to spare. ;)

Red Ribbon Week-Drugs are Despicable

We attended many ASU bball games (as mentioned before)
Riley mastered the art of pony tail making.

My dad is the Thanksgiving Lemon Merengue Pie man.  He taught us the art of making pies, and they turned out great!

About 1/3 of the pies at the Nielson family Thanksgiving

The lovely tablescape

 Ready to eat some pie.


  1. You were having a super gorg hair day in that first pic. And why haven't you given us at least ten school pics? You know we will put them to good use.

  2. I'd like a school pic as well. I'll hang it on my fridge or something. And I thought the same thing about your hair before I read Lindsay's comment. Teach me your ways!

  3. It may be August, but all I want right now is pie and to decorate with pumpkins! :)